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Real Property Tax Services Monthly Report for May 2018


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Real Property Tax Services Monthly Report for May 2018

Goals:              Reached benchmarks for completing LUCA review for Thompson and Fallsburg

              Reached benchmark for creating 2’ contours for 40% of the County of Sullivan

              Prep work completed for creating digital highway maps for DPW


Real Property


Conducted the Board of Assessment Review Training as required by NYS RPTL.  Assessors and BAR members were in attendance.

Grievance Day on May 22

Deed and subdivision count:

These statistics are one month behind due to the requirement to submit this report before the end of May.


April deeds:  282                                                                        April Subdivision Lots:  7

2018 total - 1,250 through April                                                        2018 total - 26 through April

2017 total - 1,159 through April                                                        2017 total - 14 through April

Increase of 7.9%                                                                      Increase of 85.7%


Updated tax map PDF’s in our tax map gallery

Printing new tax maps for the public



April new addresses added: 14

2018 Total - 304 through April

2017 Total - 143 through April

Increase of 112.6%


Update 911 dispatch systems with new/current data




Projects / Maps produced during May:

Forestburgh Zoning, Senate and Assembly District Maps, Monticello Manor Map, County Owned Parcels, Map for Rockland Comprehensive Plan, Create a special district app for our website.