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Monthly Report – June 12, 2018


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-              Continued services & New York State Inspections

-              Continued repairs on solid waste roll-off trucks and containers

-              Made all necessary repairs to DPW and outside agency equipment

-              Repaired and repainted body damage on vehicles

-              Completed estimates on damaged vehicles

-              Prepared new DPW and Sheriff vehicles for service

-              Sandblasted and refinished County equipment and Solid Waste Containers

-              Removed bodies on three (3) trucks to sandblast and paint frames

-              Worked on replacing garage door in the Main Shop area



-              Fabricated signs for Division of Public Works and Towns

-              Repaired signs on county roads and bridges

-              Cleared brush obstructing County signs

-              Installed detour signage for County bridges

-              Completed adopt-an-exit and Hurleyville Cultural Center signs

-              Began installing D&H Canal signage

-              Prepared striper and stops sprayer

-              Began striping stops and bars

-              Began replacing signage at the Liberty Complex



-              Completed monthly Airport Rescue and Fire Fighting training (ARFF)

-              Completed required monthly weather observations

-              MITL Guidance sign replacement project moved into construction stage

-              Scheduled Public hearing for 15 Bay lease or contract

-              Identified Ketcham Fencing as perimeter security vendor of choice

-              Completed the RFP for the FBO and security



-              Addressed NYSDOT bridge flags for Bridges 431 (FRE), 82 (FOR) and 268 (MAM)

-              Completed a kick-off meeting with the contractor for the start of the Bridge 247 (ROC) rehabilitation project construction work

-              Provided follow-up for the procurement of a stream disturbance permits from the NYSDEC for the Bridge 47 (FAL), 71 (MAM), 82 (FOR), 192 (NEV) and 247 (ROC) projects

-              Inspected the mobile traffic signals procured from J.C. Smith Incorporated and coordinated the receipt of specified equipment that the vendor did not provide upon delivery

-              Completed the review of shop drawings for the reinforcing steel needed for the Bridge 71 (MAM) replacement project and inspected the materials delivered

-              Completed coordination with NYSDOT for approval to start the preparation of plans and specifications for soliciting bids for construction work and continued project management and administration work for the Bridge 360 (MAM) rehabilitation project

-              Completed a project kick-off meeting and field inspection for the Toaspern Dam (HIG) consultant engineering services to evaluate alternatives for increasing the capacity of the dam spillway

-              Continued project management and administration work for consultant engineering design services for the replacement of Bridges 82 (FOR) , 192 (NEV), 243 (MAM), and 269 (MAM)

-              Continued contract management for the Phase 1 services to replace sidewalks and curbs at the Government Center

-              Continued coordination with NYSDOT for the possible renewal of an inter-municipal agreement for the maintenance of the Beaverkill Covered Bridge (Bridge 304 (ROC))

-              Continued engineering work for the replacement of Bridge 471 (TUS) on County Road 26

-              Held a project kick-off meeting with the contractor for the Adult Care Center, Courthouse and Government Center (Phase 2) rehabilitation project

-              Began work for the preparation of a grant application to receive funding for the Kohlertown flood mitigation project

-              Began the preparation of a hydraulic analysis for the determination of flood level effects for conveying the proposed Kohlertown Bypass Pipeline storm flow directly to the East Branch of Callicoon Creek

-              Completed the preparation of a bid document for geotechnical services for our upcoming bridge replacement projects

-              Participated and completed assistance to the LEPC SNS subcommittee’s Full Scale emergency Point of Dispensing (POD) drill held on May 1, 2018

-              Continued preliminary engineering work for the replacement of County Bridge 183 (MAM) including design work for the bridge foundation

-              Continued planning and preliminary engineering for the replacement of Bridge 425 (FAL) and coordination with NYSDEC for obtaining a stream disturbance permit

-              Began procurement of materials for the replacement of Bridge 425 (FAL)

-              Completed the updating of the multi-year capital program for bridge work

-              Completed the preparation of design computations and detailing for providing supplemental reinforcement and support for the Bridge 268 (MAM) beams in response to a NYSDOT Red Flagging of the end abutment pier caps and for a temporary timber bent to provide support of the 18 ton posted Bridge 116 (ROC) during the paving of County Road 123

-              Revised calculations for overweight permits for County bridges

-              Addressed a complaint for the Bridge 241 (CAL) deck by making an inspection and preparing details for the repair work



-              Completed weekly foster care home inspections and reports for the Department of Family Services (DFS)

-              Reviewed concrete reports, masonry reports, steel reports, compaction reports, welding reports, fireproofing reports and daily activity reports made weekly field inspections, pictures and code research for the New Jail

-              New Jail Pump House and Screen Vault plan/spec review for Building Permit issue

-              Emergency Services Training Facility CAD plans for bathrooms, offices and front entry roof along with specifications for possible bidding

-              Continued with mandated Federal Communications Commission radio license renewal and modification forms for EMS, Sheriff, fire service, highway maintenance, microwave and local government

-              Prepared and put out bid documents for Government Center Skylight Reglazing

-              DCS renovations plan update for Children Protective Services (CPS) occupancy

-              Worked with various departments on Capital Planning for Buildings

-              Prepared and submitted the Sullivan County International Airport and Human Service Complex mandated monthly water chlorination system Operation Report calculations and letters to NYSDOH

-              Completed weekly water testing at the Sullivan County International Airport and Human Service Complex water chlorination system with documentation

-              Assisted water testing lab with Lake Superior and Cooling Tower sampling

-              Prepared Annual Water Quality Report for 2017 and submitted to the NYSDOH

-              Provided technical support for County facility operations and maintenance

-              Participated in weekly staff meetings

-              Prepared Monthly Report

-              Continued work with Sustainability on DEC Electric Vehicle charging grant and               other various projects

-              Conducted meetings with Environmental staff

-              Continued work with Engineering Consultant on environmental issue at Sullivan County International Airport

-              Reworked Q-18-10 rinse rack and wash bay cleaning quote into full bid due to cost exceeding threshold for quote

-              Wrote a resolution and awarded contract for Pre-Demolition Survey and Testing

-              Provided support for Fire Alarm System Replacement at Adult Care Center project

-              Wrote resolution for award of Electrical Engineering Design for Generator at

Government Center

-              Participated in various Jail meetings and conference calls

-              Conducted shop drawing and color sample review and received prototype pieces

for review and processed invoices for the Sullivan County International Airport               Wayfinding Project

-              Coordinated bacteria and Legionella testing for cooling towers

-              Toured Orange County BOE space to prepare for the 518 Broadway space plan



-              Provided ROW and record mapping information to the public

-              Continued to advance the County Road 173 (THO) reconstruction project with NYSDOT and design consultant (Stantec) - ongoing right-of-way and access review

-              Reviewed revised traffic management plan from AKRF related to the proposed waterpark off of County Road 109 - submitted MJI comments (County traffic consultant) to AKRF

-              Commenced field work for the 2018 surface treating and striping of 36 miles of county road - marked shim areas on roads - provided daily inspection and quantity tracking of paving of shim areas by contractor (Peckham Road) - coordinated plant testing of asphalt materials

-              Commenced field work for the 2018 contract paving and striping of 32 miles of county road - field marked partial depth repair and shim areas on County Roads 59, 109, 123, 143 and 149 - provided daily inspection and quantity tracking of the milling and filling of repair areas - coordinated plant testing of asphalt materials

-              Prepared a 2018 tracking sheet for striping of county roads to assist operations

-              Attended the pre-construction meeting for County Road 104 traffic light in Hurleyville with DOT

-              Inspected multiple embankment failures for inclusion in 6 year highway capital plan

-              Completed topographic surveys of new pavement areas at the ACC - provided field staking for final grading - attended pre-construction meeting for ACC/GC/CH paving and sidewalk replacement project

-              Completed the re-design of a drainage system on County Road 109 for replacement by county forces - provided field grades and staking for installation prior to road paving

-              Began topographic field survey of County Bridge 404 (LIB) for 2019 bridge program

-              Marked property line limits at the Livingston Manor Storm Station

-              Reviewed and/or researched the following for safety issues, potential impacts to and conflicts with the County’s right-of-way (ROW), drainage, infrastructure and maintenance: County Road 16 (LIB) - sign mark out on sharp curve; County Road 61 (MAM) - access reviews (x2) - measured sight distances; County Road 122 (CAL) - measured sight distance; County Road 133 (DEL) - sign and pavement marking layout at intersection with Bridge Street; County Road 163/163E (MAM) - resolve lengths with DOT for 2018 local highway inventory; County Road 149 (ROC) - attended meeting with ACOE and DEC relative to ongoing flooding in Livingston Manor and State Route 97 (DOT) - assisted DOT with scenic byway signage on County Roads in multiple towns along the corridor

-              Provided comments to county planning for G.M.L. 239 review on the following projects on or adjacent to a County Road (CR): HIG18-02 (CR 11A) Cambio; CAL18-01 (CR 122) North Branch Plaza and self -storage; FAL18-02 (CR 104) Center for Discovery and LIB18-02 (CR 15) Camp Machne Gila

-              Issued permits on various County Roads - two D (Dig) permits - no M (Misc./Access) permits - ten O (Overweight) permits and no U (Utility) permits - Inspected five access permits for compliance and/or closeout































2017 MSW/CD

2018 MSW/CD















2427 (5/14)

























(T)  - Total Monticello Transfer Station




-              Engineering/Compliance:  Groundwater Monitoring Plan being revised to include regulatory variance for frequency, Landfill Engineering Service contract selected Leachate Tank projects ongoing/planning.

-              Public Education:  Presentation to the Sullivan County Library Directors Board Meeting May 11, 2018 and to Leadership Sullivan May 15, 2018. Attended the Chamber of commerce meeting May 4, 2018.

-              Regulatory relief:  Hiring an engineer to conduct landfill gas sampling in an effort to exit NSPS sampling requirements and further downgrade our Title V permit to a State Facility Air Permit.  This is a NYSDEC and USEPA exemption.  Requesting a regulatory variance for groundwater monitoring frequency as well.

-              HHW Collection Days: Tentatively scheduled for: Saturday June 23, 2018, Sunday, August 19, 2018, and Saturday, September 15, 2018

-              Pressure Washing - DSW is working to pressure wash the interior of the export building, it has not been done since the building was erected.  NYSDEC is requiring this because the level of dirt/dust on the walls presents a fire hazard.


Meeting History

Jun 12, 2018 10:30 AM  Public Works Committee Regular Meeting
draft Draft

Ed McAndrew gave an update on DPW

Mark Witkowski gave an update on some projects

Donna Egan gave an update on solid waste

Bill Cutler gave an update on recycling

Ruthan Hayden gave an update on transportation

James Arnott gave an update on the airport

Luis Alvarez stepped out at 11:19am