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Sullivan County Human Rights Commission

Ari Mir-Pontier, Executive Director


Judy Balaban, Chair                      Kathie Aberman, Secretary

Vacant, Vice-Chair         Vacant, Treasurer

Bill Liblick, Donna Schick, Martin Colavito, Sam Encarnacion, Shanita Artson


Legislature Executive Committee Meeting

HRC Monthly Report

June 12, 2018



In the past month, I have spoken with 3 individuals with new complaints concerning tenant’s rights.

We have 4 open cases, two of which will be referred outside of the HRC.




Commission Board

We have two new commissioners, Shanita Artson and Martin Colavito, and we have two board vacancies. The new vacancies have been posted and interviews will begin later in June.


Strategic Planning Session

The plan is on hold until later this summer when we have a full board.


Community Awareness:


Tabled with Judy Balaban and Shanita Artson at the 13th Annual Bethel Community Day on Saturday, May 19th.


Attended Sullivan Renaissance’s Bilingual Advisory Committee, and spoke about the Human Rights Commission’s mission statement and dedication to protect NYS Human Rights Law.



Anti-Bullying Initiative

Our second brainstorming meeting was held on May 30th. The audience included students from the Monticello School District, a student from My Brother’s Keeper Program, and its Coordinator, Mike Regan. The students shared their impression of why some children become bullies, and what students in general are lacking in their lives. The overall message was that children need to be listened to.


A special presentation about Restorative Practices was given by BOCES Principal, Scott Palermo. This program began in Australia and has travelled to the USA, where it is proving to be very valuable to the students and community at large. More information will be shared in the future.


A community event to address bullying issues is being planned for late summer, and will have several workshops to address specific topics.


Law Enforcement Initiative

We met on May 30th, and discussed “next steps” for the initiative. Dates for summer events were shared, and a “Coffee with Law Enforcement” was scheduled for various locations throughout the county. Further details will be released soon.




Facebook -presence is improving, and we have 80 “likes”.


Satellite Wednesdays at the Library -

Continuing to reach out to the community at our off-site Human Rights meetings at local libraries.





Catholic Charities-

Worked with the Archdiocese of NY to organize an Immigration Legal Clinic in Monticello. The clinic is by appointment only, and 100 people are scheduled to meet on June 6th, at St. Peter’s, with legal representatives to address their road to residency,


Working with several local organizations to provide sensitivity training later in June.


Latino Alliance of Sullivan County - Coordinating with L.A.S.C. to organize the upcoming Hispanic Heritage Festival on 7/22, and discuss community outreach efforts in low-income housing.


Liberty Networking Group - Continued to provide advice and guidance to the group for 2018 initiatives.


SALT -  translated their new brochure into Spanish, and continue to participate as needed.


Sullivan 180 - serving on the Sullivan 180 Advisory Board, and now also on their Planning Committee and Club 180.


Sullivan Renaissance Bilingual Advisory Committee - assisting with language and outreach needs.


WJFF- helping form a bilingual radio program.





To share your ideas about what the Human Rights Commission can do in your community, please call 845-807-0189 or email <>




Ari Mir-Pontier


Meeting History

Jun 12, 2018 12:00 PM  Executive Committee Regular Meeting
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No one was present to give an update on Human Rights.