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Introduced by Management and Budget Committee to create an Assigned Fund Balance within the General Fund for Economic Development Purposes.


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WHEREAS, Sullivan County has received $300,000 from the Sullivan County Funding Corporation due to a default on a private purchase of the “Phase II” land, and


WHEREAS, the Sullivan County Legislature feels it is prudent to utilize the $300,000 for economic development purposes primarily on the “Phase II” land and other properties in the general location of the “Phase II” land, but not solely restricted to these properties, and


NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that Sullivan County Legislature hereby creates an Economic Development Assigned Fund Balance in the general fund in the amount of $300,000 with monies to be appropriated for Economic Development purposes, and


BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that Sullivan County Legislature authorizes the appropriation of up to $40,000 from the Economic Development Assigned Fund Balance for purposes of funding the contract authorized by Resolution No. 210-18.



Meeting History

Jun 14, 2018 10:00 AM Video County Legislature Regular Meeting
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MOVER:Alan Sorensen, Legislator
SECONDER:Nadia Rajsz, Legislator
AYES:Scott B. Samuelson, Nadia Rajsz, Mark McCarthy, Catherine Owens, Terri Ward, Luis Alvarez, Joseph Perrello, Alan Sorensen, Ira M. Steingart